So you have decided to start building a website? Here is an honest opinion.

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There are two categories that you will fit into when you start your journey of building a website:

Business Card Style Website


Eccomerce Shop

If you just need to look more professional, showcase some of your work and have somewhere people can contact you, you need a business card style website.

If you want to sell your products online, then you need a eCommerce shop.

How good are you with computers?

If your confident and have a lot of time to invest in your site, I would try building your own site, then when you run into issues, get a professional to help you out. You will find building sites are alot easier than they were 5 years ago.

No skills and no time

If you hate computers and just want to leave it to the professionals, then find someone you get along with, its a very personal thing having a site built, so make sure its the right fit. There is a lot of cowboys out there and using your cousin because he dabbles in websites is not always the best answer. Find someone who lives and breathes websites. You will get a better product and less headaches.

Thanks Tim! where do I get started?

Now you must choose a CMS = Content Managment System

There is tonnes of different systems you can use, they all have pro’s and con’s personally I believe these 3 are the best for small to medium-sized businesses. They to have their pro’s and cons depending on your needs. I shall explain below.






shopify built stores melbourne
Sell Products with Shopify and Sonder

If you are selling anything online, this is your 1 stop shop, don't even look anywhere else.

Easy and Powerful

So easy to use and scalable once your business grows. I have used pretty much every e-commerce system and this outshines them all.


When you need to get more sales, they have an app. When you need to sell a subscription, they have an app. If you ever have an issue they have an app to solve it, and if they dont, they have awesome support and a massive network of shopify experts to help

Great for

Anyone who wants to sell a product online or in-store. You will not have to worry about the site, it all takes care of its self and shows you the important metrics when you log in, so you can concentrate on your business.

benefits of wordpress built by sonder
flexibility with sonder in hawthorn

Wordpress is the most used CMS in the world, you can build anything on it. It has the most flexibility


Wordpress is very flexible, there is tonnes of themes you can buy for it or you can just use their free themes. There is tonnes of developers out there that will build you an awesome site for not much money, but you get what you pay for. WordPress sites need constant updates and bug fixes.

Great for:

Someone who like tinkering around with their site. You will need a lot of time up your sleeve if your on wordpress. But if the budget is small they are perfect.

squarespace built by sonder in melbourne
setting up a squrespace site

Squarespace is easy to use and looks professional and clean.

Fast and Professional

If you want a site that looks like its worth $10,000 and you want it built in a week, go with Squarespace, they have awesome templates, and if you want to sell one or two products they are great. You will find developers that will build these for you anywhere between $500-$8000 depending on your needs.

Great for:

Anyone who wants a professional business card site. Tradies, Artists, Restaurants, pretty much any small business. This will cost between $150-$200 a year for the CMS.

We Have All The Features - Now Choose


You want an online shop with all the bells and whistles.


Your a tightarse, and you have heaps of time to work on your site.


You need a site that’s a fancy business card and you want it to be as professional as possible.

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