Not even lying

TLDR: So your team can feel more connected

Why do it?

We have visted 50+ coworking spaces in the last year, and the number one question I always ask myself when I first meet someone in there spaces is….

What the hell does this person do? Are they a small creative agency? Are they a photographer? Maybe an accountant? Maybe a web designer?

You just never know, until you ask them. But what if there was an easier way to know who was who?

We recently built a Dashboard for a CoWorking space in St.kilda called CoWork Me, they are brand new coworking space and have a really cool building.

As its brand new everyone is getting to know each other, just like your first day at school. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to feel connected.

So we built them dashboard that has every member (if the tick a box in Office RnD) to display on our screens, it shows their photo or logo, what they do and how you can contact them. (simple but effective)

There is also an area on the dashboard that showcases different promotions, so if they want to promote a certain deal or offer it is showcased in the reception area and both kitchens.

There is tonnes of other features such as Spotify, a survey area and upcoming events, essentially we just want the CoWork Me team to gel, which they do.

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