Shopify Advanced vs Shopify Plus, How to Choose

Shopify Advanced vs Shopify Plus, How to Choose


Hey there, fellow entrepreneur! 🚀 Stuck choosing between Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus? It's like trying to pick your favorite kid, isn't it? Fear not! This article will walk you through each option to help you make the best decision for your business.

What is the Decision Point?

The need to choose between Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus often comes when you're scaling your business. Both have unique features, and both come with their own price tags.

Overview of Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus

To put it simply: Shopify Advanced is for those who want a bit more kick than Shopify Basic but aren't quite ready for the big leagues where Shopify Plus lives.

What is Shopify Advanced?


Shopify Advanced offers advanced report builders, third-party calculated shipping rates, and up to 15 staff accounts. Imagine it as your favorite fast-food meal, but with extra fries!


The price is pretty reasonable at $299 per month.

Who is it For?

If you're a medium-sized business with decent traffic and sales, but still operating within a budget, Shopify Advanced is your jam.

What is Shopify Plus?


This is the Ferrari of Shopify platforms. You get access to the Shopify organization admin, multiple stores, and automation tools like Shopify Flow.


Starting at around $2,000 per month, it's not cheap but offers significant value.

Who is it For?

Multi-million dollar businesses, this one's for you. Not at the millions? It might still make sense to jump up to Plus.

Key Differences

Feature Comparison

While Shopify Advanced is like a Swiss Army knife, Shopify Plus is a full-fledged toolbox. Plus offers everything Advanced does but takes it to the next level.


Think of Advanced as renting an apartment, and Plus as owning a mansion. The latter is costly but offers more space and features.


Shopify Plus is built for scalability, like a skyscraper with endless floors. Shopify Advanced has its limits.

Business Size Matters

Small to Medium Businesses

Advanced might be enough if you're just looking to improve and expand your current setup.

Large Enterprises

With Plus, the sky's the limit. Built for huge sales volumes and traffic, this is for businesses that are already—or aim to be—giants.

User Experience

Shopify Advanced

Easy to use but not as many bells and whistles.

Shopify Plus

A slightly steeper learning curve but offers a plethora of features for greater user engagement.

Customization Options

Shopify Advanced

Limited but enough for many businesses.

Shopify Plus

Virtually limitless. If you can dream it, you can do it.

International Commerce

Shopify Advanced

Doable, but not ideal for global expansion.

Shopify Plus

Built for global commerce.

Customer Support

Shopify Advanced

Standard support channels.

Shopify Plus

24/7 priority support, like a VIP backstage pass to your favorite concert.

Security Features

Shopify Advanced

Standard security protocols.

Shopify Plus

Advanced security features like Level 1 PCI compliance and a 99.98% uptime SLA.

Community and Ecosystem

Shopify Advanced

Standard app store and community forum.

Shopify Plus

A thriving ecosystem with dedicated solutions and partners.

Long-Term Investment

Costs Over Time

Advanced will be cheaper initially but might require a switch as you scale.


Plus is expensive but can provide a substantial ROI through advanced features and scalability.

Making the Final Decision

What to Consider

Your budget, your needs, and your future goals. Simple, right?


In essence, Shopify Advanced is for the businesses in the middle, neither a start-up nor a massive corporation. Shopify Plus, on the other hand, is for those who are scaling at an incredible rate and need a platform that can keep up.

Remember, the best choice is the one that aligns with your business goals. So, which one will it be?

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