Purvis Beer

Purvis Beer had an outdated website that was doing more harm than good, we love beer, so we wanted to work with them from the get go. We started buy rebuilding their site from Kentico over to Shopify. We decided that taking a photo of every beer in store, showcased their strength in having the largest stock of craft beer in Australia. A key part of the website was making as easy as possible to find beer, so we added a massive search bar and great easy find categories. We pushed massively to launch an instagram account and its now paying off in spades. So far its been an amazing journey and we always love paying Purvis beer and in-store visit.

Purvis Beer
September 17, 2019
Based In
Melbourne, Australia
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The Challenge

Our main challenge was selling the secret, unless you where a real beer geek, Purvis was very low key, no social presence, an old website and outdated systems in place. Another challenge we faced was a lot competitors online with a lot more exposure than Purvis, which was daunting.